A man in Genesee County is facing charges after allegedly taking a 1-year-old child during a church service.

Bruce Sattelberg, 71, was arrested for unlawful imprisonment.

Batavia police say he was attending service at the Everpresent Church on Sunday when he left the sanctuary and came back several minutes later with a child.

Police say the parents were just a few aisles away and saw Sattelberg holding their child.

"It happened so quickly that when he came in he took one child by the hand and just turned around and walked out with him," Everpresent Church Pastor Jason Norton said. "One of our daycare watchers went out with him and followed him at a safe distance to the sanctuary and alerted our security and usher team.”

The father took the child, and Sattelberg left the service. He was later taken into custody.

Sattelberg is expected to be in court later this month, and has been barred from the church.