A recount in the unresolved race for Cheektowaga town supervisor is set for next week.

After counting all ballots, including affidavits and absentees, the unofficial results from the Erie County Board of Elections show Democrat Brian Nowak with 9,038 votes and Republican Michael Jasinski with 8,981 votes.

The 57-vote difference falls within the half-percent margin, which triggers a recount under New York state law.

In a Facebook post, Jasinski responded to the results, saying:

“My Cheektowaga neighbors, as the final votes are tallied [I] want to make a few points that should concern you. Brian Nowak has cheated. He has broken several election laws. He sent out a flyer with him posing with a police officer in uniform. This is against election law and to add no law enforcement agency endorsed Brian Nowak. This is a clear case of deception to the Cheektowaga voters. Brian Nowak on the first day of early voting was seen inside the polling station at the time the polls were open. As a candidate you are to not be within 100ft. of a polling station per election law. Affidavit votes came in from people from NYC, ironically from the same places the asylum seekers were and are from. Brian Nowak funds and contributes large sums of money to a news media outlet that uses lies, slander, and misinformation against his opposition. These are examples of why people have no faith in election integrity. If he does this out in the open one could only imagine what he plans on doing behind closed doors. To add, does Cheektowaga really want a Socialist as our next Supervisor?”

Nowak responded in a statement to Spectrum News 1, saying:

“The Board of Elections has me ahead by 57 votes after the final canvass and that Jasinski’s statement is more of the false and misleading accusations he leveled against me throughout this campaign. I welcome the recount that will be forthcoming that will confirm I have won this race despite the horrific smear campaign he ran against me…I will win the recount.”