Medal of Honor recipient David Bellavia returned to his hometown of Batavia to receive a key to the city Tuesday and took questions about whether he is planning on running for New York’s 27th Congressional seat.

Of course, his answer did not really provide any more clarity on the issue.

“Nothing is going to sway me to run or not run. I am 100 percent focused. I don’t know when that obligation is going to end. It’s the last thing in my thought process right now if anything. As a matter of fact, I take great pride in what we’re doing right now across the country which is putting men and women in the military.”

Bellavia’s non-answer does not really come as a surprise. After winning the military’s highest honor, he officially re-entered active duty.

Under the Hatch Act, an active military member is not allowed to campaign for office or enter the politics arena in any capacity. Currently, friends and supporters who have hatched a Draft Bellavia campaign are essentially doing it for him.

However, the Iraq war veteran didn’t sound much like someone seeking office.

“The last thing I’m thinking about right now is cashing this in,” he said. “And this feels like it would be cashing it in.”

Bellavia also pointed out, he’s run for this seat and lost before, a Republican primary in 2012. He said the only thing that’s changed about him as a candidate since then is the award.

Republican Chris Collins currently holds the seat but has not announced if he will seek re-election. Only current state Senator Chris Jacobs has officially announced his candidacy with others exploring a run.