Shield, the former Buffalo Police K-9 and the partner of fallen officer, Lt. Craig Lehner, has died.

Shield served with the Buffalo Police Department from 2016 to 2022.

"Shield was a tremendous K9 for the Buffalo Police Department and the city of Buffalo. I had an opportunity to be around Shield at calls and he was well known department wide as one of the best," Commissioner Joseph A. Gramaglia said. "That was in large part due to the excellent partnership between Shield and his handlers, Craig and Matt. Shield was very special and he will be missed. We are grateful for his service to our community."

Lehner died during a training exercise in 2017. When Lt. Lehner passed, Officer Matthew Richards partnered with Shield for the next five years until his retirement, where he lived out his golden years with the Richards family.

"We call them “working” dogs – they are far more than that," Richards said. "These dogs are their handler’s partners and protectors, and we are theirs. The love that goes into “working” with these dogs is endless and tireless. As a K9 handler with a “working” dog there is no work, just play. The amount of time spent with each other creates a bond that cannot be broken. It was my honor and privilege to continue on with the training of Shield after the tragic loss of Lt. Craig Lehner. I will miss Shield as his passing has left an immense hole in my family’s heart. I know one thing is for certain, he will be well taken care of where he is now. Thank you to the Buffalo Police Department, The Lehner Family and The Shields Family for entrusting me with this great responsibility. Shield, it’s not goodbye, but rather see you later buddy."

In Shield's career in the K-9 unit, he helped seize more than $600,000 in funds, helped get drugs off the streets, and helped apprehend suspects during searches.