Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is defending the city's response to the blizzard the community faced Christmas weekend.

This comes as researchers at NYU are preparing to do a study on the city's response to the storm.

Many people were stranded across the area, thousands lost power and at least 42 people were killed across Western New York.

The Buffalo Professional Firefighters Local 282 union is pushing to re-allocate American Rescue Plan funds to better support their response in storms.

Erie County officials also estimate the county racked up between $7 - $10 million in expenses responding to that storm.

"There was a great deal of collaboration and communication," said Mayor Brown. "But we are committed to learning from this storm. We are committed to improving our delivery of services to our community in extreme weather conditions."

Additionally, Buffalo Common Council member Chris Scanlon is pushing for change. He is filing resolutions to better equip the city’s first responders in the event of major snow storms. He is proposing the allocation of funds from the American Rescue Plan and reallocation of $500,000 for south district capital projects to go directly to purchasing vehicles for the snow fleet. This includes two new plows, tracked vehicles and snowmobiles.