Wegmans and the Buffalo Bills are teaming up to help combat food insecurity.

They are doing so by donating allergen friendly, gluten-free and lactose free food items to FeedMore Western New York. The two are also donating similar items to FoodLink in Rochester.

Now until May 22, customers at all Western New York Wegmans locations can also purchase and donate select products. There is a donation bin at the front of every local Wegmans location. 

"We know the great power that our hometown team has,” Michele Mehaffy, Wegmans Consumer Affairs manager said. “And so we are thrilled to be kicking off this food drive with the Buffalo Bills."

"We've often supported food insecurity in our community, but then thinking about the families that have food allergies and that takes it to a whole other level when talking about food insecurity,” Gretchen Geitter, vice president of Community Relations for the Buffalo Bills, said. “So grateful that we're able to do this and there are great organizations like FeedMore. Um who make sure folks with special needs like that um and their families that have food insecurities like that have safe food to eat."

Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott's wife Jamie says she is personally so grateful to see this partnership come to life. Her family has been affected by food allergies.

In a statement she wrote, "There were difficult lessons learned over the years and as parents, there is rarely a time you’re not thinking about this. If we can help just one family by making it easier for them to access safe foods for their families, it will be worth it.”