BUFFALO, N.Y. — A local coffee shop known for promoting kindness and positivity was robbed over the weekend.

The Intersection is a cafe located near the corner Elmwood Ave. and Allen St. in downtown Buffalo’s Allentown neighborhood. For 10 years, Mickey Harmon has walked to the coffee shop to support independent business. He sips his coffee while sitting on the sidewalk with a friend.

“I get to have a lot of creative conversations here with my peers,” said Harmon.

From the inside to the outside, The Intersection is adorned with stickers with positive messaging, LGBTQ flags, and local art. For a place brimming with positivity, the owner was shocked to learn her business had been robbed Sunday morning.

“It was a heart-dropping moment when she called,” said owner Heidi Jones.

One of the cafe’s baristas, Nichole Cook, called Jones and the police around 7:30 a.m. Sunday to report a busted glass front door and stolen register.

Jones said about $350 was missing and the entryway of the business was littered with glass.

Within moments, customers and neighbors were helping to sweep up the mess. Soon customers were buying coffee chips to pay-it-forward for future patrons, while giving the business a quick influx of cash for the damages.

“We have such a strong, vibrant community, and everybody showed up to give all of their support and love,” said Jones.

The Intersection is still operating according to regular business hours and the temporary door put in place is already decorated with vibrant art.