Fourteen years after a Buffalo police officer says she was fired for stopping a fellow officer who was choking a suspect, a law has been passed to help officers like her.

The Buffalo Common Council passed Cariol's Law Tuesday.

The legislation requires officers to step in and stop their colleagues from using excessive force.

It's named after Cariol Horne, who was fired from the Buffalo Police Department in 2008 after stopping an officer who she says was abusing a handcuffed suspect.

Horne held a celebration at her home during the vote.

The man who was handcuffed during that incident, Neal Mack, was also there to sing and pray.

"It made me feel that other officers will feel empowered because I already went through it, now they don't have to,” said Horne.

"If they want to stand up and do the right thing, I want to stand with them. But we know that's not an easy task,” said Rasheed N.C. Wyatt, (D) Buffalo Common Council - University District.

The law now heads to Mayor Byron Brown's desk.