Nearly five months have gone by and workout equipment has been collecting dust — but not for long.

Planet Fitness employees have been spraying machines down with disinfectant and preparing for gyms to open in New York as early as August 24. 

That new normal includes gym occupancy restricted to 33 percent, updated HVAC Systems, and mandatory face coverings.

Every other machine is blocked off with signs for social distancing. To minimize contact, there's also an app for that. Touchless check-ins are now available. 

Franchise Owner David Humphrey says fitness is the key element to fighting COVID-19.

"People know that this is a time when they need to be in good shape," said Humphrey. "When the vaccine comes out it may be less effective for people who need to lose weight. There is never been such a time to get back into the gym, work off some of the weight. Boost your immune system, be prepared. So that if you catch COVID, you're likely to have a mild or moderate case."

Continual inspections of gyms are being monitored at the local level. The latest that gyms are expected to reopen are September 2.