All Greek life activities at the University at Buffalo will remain suspended until at least the beginning of the fall semester, the school’s vice president for student life announced Monday.

  • UB student hospitalized following an alleged hazing incident
  • All fraternity and sorority activites were immediately suspended
  • School is forming a committee to review Greek life

This comes after Sebastian Serafin-Bazan, 18, was hospitalized followed a believed hazing incident late last week at the Sigma Pi fraternity house on Custer Street. Neighbors said they saw a body lying in the yard in front of a Custer Street home.

A committee will be tasked with reviewing the school’s zero-tolerance policies and the culture of fraternities and sororities at the university and will present at minimum an interim report before the semester begins, said A. Scott Weber, University at Buffalo vice president for student life.

The committee will be led by Suzanne Rosenblith, dean of the Graduate School of Education, and will likely involve between 10 and 15 people, including students and representatives of Greek life organizations.

The school is working with the city police department as officers investigate the incident.

Greek organizations provide philanthropic and fellowship opportunities for students, but they have “historically had a culture of behavior that is troubling,” Weber said. “This is a national problem; it is not limited to the university.”

He acknowledged that there are other Greek life organizations on the campus that were not involved in hazing activity, but Weber asks those who are upset to consider what they would want done if it were their friend or relative in Serafin-Bazan’s condition.

This is the third alleged hazing incident involving Sigma Pi nationally over the last few years.

UB suspended all Greek activities on Friday. Weber said an estimated 5 percent of UB students participate in fraternities or sororities.

UB's Inter-Fraternity Council declined comment on the suspension of Greek Life activities, citing the University's ongoing investigation.

In a statement released Monday, Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo reiterated that the department continues to investigate the incident, including whether drugs or alcohol were involved.

Anyone with information is asked to call the confidential tip line at 716-847-2255.