Thousands will make their way to The Broadway Market for the Easter season, but employees at the market hope to see more visitors throughout the year.

Plans to expand the market include having more permanent vendors, adding on to the 40 currently operating year-round. Famous Horseradish is one of those vendors, present for more than 50 years.

"Everyone's passing the tradition on to their family, their younger generation. I think it will build the entire city up just like the marina has inside the city of Buffalo," said Margie Ruszkiewicz with Famous Horseradish. "Things have changed, things have improved, people have started coming out [to the marina, and] I think that can happen here as well," Ruszkiewicz said.

The market will also open a new licensed commercial kitchen in the next few weeks, along with the Buffalo Police Substation.

"There are lots of great things happening through the city for the Broadway Market. It's an institution and a landmark for this business district so it's great," said Broadway Market Manager Kathleen Peterson.

The market also received $4 million from Empire State Development for exterior renovations. Businesses believe these changes could help improve the neighborhood as a whole.

"With all the improvements they've been doing in the market, especially next year and two years after that, I think it will be even more of a regional asset over here," said Kevin Callahan, Yoga Pants Vodkas Distillery owner.