The president of the Christ the King seminary is being accused of sexual misconduct.

The church says it received a complaint against Father Joseph Gatto on Wednesday, claiming he made a sexual advance on an adult.

Gatto has been the president and rector of Christ the King Seminary in East Aurora since 2014.

He's now being placed on administrative leave.

The Diocese of Buffalo reiterates that administrative leave is "for the purpose of investigation and does not imply any determination as to the truth or falsity of the complaint."

This comes just three days after an Ellicottville priest was also placed on leave.

Father Ronald Mierzwa, the pastor at Holy Name of Mary Roman Catholic Church, is accused of abuse.

No details on those allegations have been released.

The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo has addressed numerous claims of abuse from priests over the past several decades.

Many Catholics are calling on Bishop Malone to resign, but he insists on keeping his position.

Anyone with information about clerical sexual abuse can call the Diocesan Victim Assistance Coordinator at number is 716-895-3010.