HAMBURG, N.Y. — Jim Hunt was born without hands or feet. 

He's learned to adapt.

“I was never given any slack by my parents. They made me do everything my brothers and sisters did,” he said.

Hunt wears prosthetics on all four of his limbs but he's never let it keep from doing what he enjoys, including golf.

He drove two hours from his home in Canisteo to play in the 9th Buffalo Amputee Golf Classic at Brierwood Country Club in Hamburg.

“I've always wanted to compete against other amputees. I've never had that opportunity before,” he said.

Hunt played alongside Orchard Park's David Szpara.

He lost right arm and leg in an accident as a teenager.

“I do pretty much what everybody else does,” Szpara said. “Even the neighbors are like man, I don't know how you do it. You don't stop. You're non-stop, I'm like... I can't stop. That's just me.

An attitude shared by Peter Fenn, the longtime golf professional at this course and the tournament’s founder.

Fenn is himself an amputee.  Doctors removed part of his leg and foot 11 years ago.

“When you get up out of bed in the morning, you've got to feel different. Every day’s got to be better than the day before,” he said.

He's also dealing with Parkinson's disease.  It's made playing the game he loves more difficult, yet he still finds a way to take his swings.

Fenn's goal for the tournament is helping kids affected by amputations. They've raised about $30,000 in the first eight years, offering college scholarships and sending youth to Camp No Limits, a place exclusively for children missing limbs.

And so do the golfers on this hot August day: a chance to play for a purpose and do so next to people overcoming similar obstacles.

No lie too rough, no shot too tough.