LANCASTER, N.Y. — There's something missing from Como Lake in Lancaster: the water. It's part of an Erie County project to fix the dam and eventually clean up the lake.

The lake was drained this week when crews fixed the gates that control the flow of water from the lake into Cayuga Creek.

Those gates hadn't been able to open recently. That caused problems with flooding at times and a major buildup of sediment in the lake.

The first phase costs about $245,000. It could make it possible for the county to dredge the silt from the lake, which was visible when water levels were low. It's become an eyesore to people in the park.

“The community that lives in this neighborhood, right close in this area here, have been advocates for this park forever. They want it to be the way it used to be, like I remember when I was a kid,” said John Bruso, (D) Erie County Legislature - District 8.

Before the county can dredge the lake, the silt has to be tested for contamination. If all goes well, the project is expected to last throughout the summer.