BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Bernadette Hoppe, a Buffalo woman with terminal cancer, is going to Albany to fight for her right to die on her own terms. She has Stage 4 anal cancer, and last summer doctors advised her that she had less than two years to live.

She's dealing with physical complications as the disease takes its toll, along with the mental anguish of facing a potentially painful and prolonged death.

On Monday, She's planning to speak to the New York State Assembly's Health Committee about the Medical Aid in Dying Act. The bill would allow people with a terminal illness expected to live less than six months to end their own life with special medication if they choose.

The bill contains strict provisions about how to qualify and obtain the medication, and patients would have to take it without help.

The Medical Aid in Dying Act has been proposed in past years in the state legislature. Six states currently have similar laws.