As some districts consider adding school resources officers to their staff, we're getting a more in-depth look at the role SROs play.

The Ken-Ton school district's SRO program started in 2008, and the principal at Kenmore West says it's something they'd never want to lose. They have an armed officer in both of the high schools, and a constant line of communication with the Town of Tonawanda Police Department.

The SRO also leads a team of unarmed security officers in schools throughout the district.

"They maintain presence in the hallways first and foremost, and they're constantly checking the doors to make sure they're secure. They're in the cafeterias where there is a lot of student population to maintain that deterrent and that presence so that if something should happen, they're there on the frontlines as well. They're critical," said David Coffey, Ken West's school resource officer.

Last week, the police department led active shooter training for school administrators, which will be expanded to all staff throughout the school year.