BUFFALO, N.Y. — Two years after her death at the Erie County Holding Center, Buffalo activists are still trying to figure out what happened to India Cummings.

A group of them held a rally in her honor Wednesday.

The 27-year-old Rochester woman was booked there in February 2016 after she was accused of stealing a car and arrested by Lackawanna police.

The attorney for her family says she was seriously injured during her arrest and suffered other life-threatening injuries while in custody.

Her death is at the center of a wrongful death lawsuit against the county and many others.

"There's a lot of homework and research that we have to do, that they in there don't want us to do in terms of finding out all of the individual officers that were assigned to watch over India that essentially played a role in her demise,” said Cummings Family Attorney, Matthew Albert.

That lawsuit is now working its way through the federal court system.