The word closure means different things to different people.

Some say it's like crossing the finish line after coming to terms with a life-altering event.  For others, the pain of losing someone so suddenly makes a word like closure meaningless.

The families of those who died in the crash of Flight 3407 nearly 10 years ago were thrown together— first at the airport, and later at a hotel the airline reserved for them to get information.  

This horrific event may bind them together in a way they never anticipated, but through a group of women calling themselves “the sisters” a bond has formed that transcends the plane crash.  

The violent and very public nature of their loved one's death added a unique trauma to an already horrific situation.  

But the unusual nature of their connection was something these families learned to embrace.

In the first half of a two-part story, Casey Bortnick speaks with a group of women who lost a loved one in the crash, but forged strong bonds among a sisterhood of women who understand their grief.