BUFFALO, N.Y. — There is still no timeline. 

That was the answer Darren Brown-Hall, the chief of staff for the Buffalo Public Schools told parents during a meeting Saturday. 

The monthly virtual meeting was hosted by the Buffalo Parent Teacher Organization.

Parents got the chance to ask Brown-Hall questions.

Dozens of parents and guardians, and even teachers had a lot to say, with some asking how classrooms are going to be cleaned, how many teachers will be in the building, and what they should do about child care.

There seems to be a concern that teachers will have to step away, abandoning their students to take care of their children. 

Brown-Hall said there have been concerns county-wide, but other teachers have made it work. 

"They have worked with other families, other families to make it work," Brown-Hall said. "Everyone has different situations, but this is something teachers need to start thinking about because teachers will be returning five days a week. 

He is asking all parents to get involved in the ongoing conversations about their school's reopening plan. 

This coming week, those plans are due to district administrators. 

Brown-Hall says the more opinions the better to get everyone on the same page.