As some local businesses are closing because of the pandemic, Buffalo's Snowy Owl Kombucha is expanding production in a new location.

"We moved from The Barrel Factory, because we outgrew that space, but we found this space in the Food Terminal," said Tara Sasiadek, co-owner of Snowy Owl Kombucha. "It’s giant and spacious and it also means we can focus more on wholesaling in different ways like moving into cans and increasing production of hot tea and other things we want to work on."

What You Need To Know

  • A Buffalo business is expanding production during the pandemic

  • Snowy Owl Kombucha's owners are promoting health at a time when it is on many people's minds 

  • Co-owner Anna Bystran is using her knowledge from engineering studies at Columbia University to help run the business.

One of the reasons why this company is able to expand amidst a pandemic is the nature of the business. During a time when an aggressive virus has stalled normal life around the world, people are even more mindful of heath. And this company provides Kombucha, a fermented ice tea that is said to be beneficial for the immune system.  

“Think of it as a tart fizzy, probiotic tea that helps balance your gut health and your immunity,” says Sasiadek.

After facing cancer at only 23-years-old, not a day goes by when Sasiadek doesn’t think about health. 

“When you’re 23, you don’t expect to be told that you could die, even though any of us could go at any moment, she said. "And I know that’s on people’s minds a lot right now. Kombucha just became a way to do something that was self-care. It became care for other people."

After studying engineering at Columbia University, Sasiadek’s sister, Anna Bystran, was well-equipped to help run Snowy Owl Kombucha. 

“My training is in biomedical engineering and then I started a little bit into chemical engineering, which they don’t tell you is all thermodynamics and plant design, which ended up being really helpful for this business," Bystran said. 

Since Kombuca is a living culture, not only is Snowy Owl a production facility, but it’s a live culture lab. 

“My lab experience, my experience with problem-solving has really helped ramp up production,” said Bystran.

Now located at 1500 Clinton Street, this company is working to promote health during a time when health is on many people’s minds. More information can be found at