CHARLOTTE, N.C. - At the age of 115 years old Hester Ford still knows the Lord’s Prayer.

  • Family tells Spectrum News Ford had a strong passion of love toward others
  • She has lived in the same home in Charlotte for more than 60 years
  • Mayor Vi Lyles previously declared August 15 as Mother Hester Ford Day

Last month, Ford was recognized as being the oldest person in the country. However, her vivid memory is still going strong thanks in part to her family and caretaker who are with her everyday.

"I just now started working with her and I fell in love," Caretaker Tamika Misenheimer said "This is my granny, sorry...haha."

Family tells Spectrum News Ford had a strong passion of love toward others.

"She just loved her people, she didn’t allow them to be sick or hungry," her daughter, Daisy Davis said.


Her family is now returning the favor. Thanks to them, Ford has been able to continuing living in her home that she’s had in Charlotte for more than 60 years.

"Everyone helps out," Great-Granddaughter, Vannessa Hill said. "The great grandkids come in and out to assist."

It’s not just the family showing love, but others too.

"I met her one time, a long time ago," friend Lillian Bauknight-Herron said. "She was a neighbor to my parents."


Because of that connection with her parents Bauknight-Herron invited Ford to their church luncheon Saturday at C.N. Jenkins Memorial Presbyterian Church. Ford wasn’t able to attend, but Baucknight-Herron says just her family being there was a blessing.

"My great-granddad died when he was 117 and it was just a feeling that I can’t explain right now," Bauknight-Herron said.

Ford often gets the question: what’s the secret to a long life? Her caretaker filled us in on that. In her experience, it’s the people around Ford, some who barely even know her.

"The love and compassion that her family has for her. She is going to be with for a long time," Misenheimer said.