Fixing a roof is a large expense and when you’re a disabled senior on a fixed income, it's even more daunting. A home in Broome County is being saved by some generous volunteers.

In the town of Conklin, you'll find a white house where William Fuller lives under a 70-year-old roof.

“His arm’s injured and he can’t work or anything, and he doesn’t have enough money to fix it,” said Sam Marvin, volunteer.

So the Impact Project stepped in to help.

“We don’t believe this roof would last another winter, so we wanted to make sure Mr. Fuller could stay warm and dry, and not have to worry about this,” said Joe Wickman, lead pastor at New Life Ministries.

A repair that would have cost him $15,000-$20,000. Fuller says he’s grateful for the help.

“Don’t have to worry all winter long whether the roof is going to cave in or not,” Fuller said.

Volunteers are doing more than just replacing a roof, they’re also landscaping the yard, removing a massive tree, and replacing the gutters.

The Impact Project reviews applications from people in need of repairs to their homes. On Saturday, 100 people signed up to volunteer and an extra 80 wanted to help too.

“They had more people than they needed, and that’s why I love living in Broome County because everybody helps out each other around here and we lift each other up,” said Jason Garnar, Broome County Executive.

A fixed roof means Fuller can stay in his home.

“You’re giving somebody back their life. Control, if there is such a thing as normality, you’re giving it back to them. They got control of their situation, a very emotional time. That’s what we all live for, to see somebody get back on their feet,” said James Willard, director Impact Project.

A day’s work, worth it for the gift of a new roof that will last for years to come.