Dozens of police recruits are in Broome County, learning how to stay safe on the job.


More than 30 recruits are taking part in the training, which started April 1st and runs through November 1st. The marksmanship course, which includes classes and training sessions, runs for two weeks.

Recruits learn how to safely handle various firearms. And Instructors give lessons and also practice real-life scenarios they may run into in the field.

"You're carrying a gun on you during your entire shift. So you got your eight, your ten, your twelve hours even time beyond that. So knowing how to properly retain that weapon and properly deploy that weapon system out in the public is extremely huge. And we're trying to get those basic fundamentals down here," said Lead Instructor Robert Charpinsky Jr.

The academy started with 49 recruits and is down to 36.

Graduation day is set for November 1st.