BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- A candidate for Broome County District Attorney has called on the Attorney General's office to investigate his primary opponent.

Paul Battisti is set to face current Chief Assistant District Attorney Mike Korchak for the Republican nomination. Battisti claims Korchak filed a false indictment against a defendant Battisti represented.


An email from the DA's office dated May 30th states the matter was never presented to a grand jury.

However, Korchak signed an indictment against the defendant two days earlier. Korchak claims this was a simple clerical error made by his office.



He says indictments are typically written ahead of time, and this one must have been sent to him by mistake.

"Korchak's negligence should frighten every member of our community. If he falsely filed an indictment against one person for a crime, without the oversight and due process of a grand jury proceeding, any of us could be next," said Paul Battisti, Broome County District Attorney Candidate.

"Once again Mr. Battisti is using legal documents, the majority of which are sealed. So that really limits the amount of information I can talk about to the press. It's unfortunate, because Mr. Battisti knows this but he continues to do this through the course of the campaign," said Mike Korchak, Broome County District Attorney Candidate.

This case in question was later dismissed.

Battisti is also now calling on the 6th judicial district to investigate the grand jury process of the Broome County District Attorney’s Office.