The Owego Apalachin Board of Education has unanimously passed a revised budget.

The board has decided to decrease the tax levy to 2.83-percent from 3.83-percent. This move coming after the community voted no on the previous proposed budget.

While the decision compromises to the community, the school district will have to cut more than $170,000 in the current budget if it is passed. If the budget fails, a contingency budget would require more than $600,000 worth of cuts.

"In hopes that you know we're in somewhere of a happy medium there where we don't have to get into program cuts and continue to move forward. We'll have to make some cuts to areas within the budget that will certainly hurt. But also respecting the community and their vote and trying to move forward," said Superintendent Corey Green.

The re-vote is scheduled for June 18th. There will be a public hearing on June 11th.