A new kind of therapy is helping patients in Steuben County. It’s a program that lets people interact with themselves on the television screen.

It’s called Jintronix and it could potential revolutionize physical therapy and rehabilitation. Some say it really breaks up the monotony of rehab by using fun games to help with patient’s movements.

Jintronx uses a 3D-camera to digitally track a person’s movements. It can detect over a dozen different joints. It can even be implemented for someone confined in a wheelchair. The program can be compared to that of Nintendo’s Wii Fit. Various games can be chosen depending on the specific area the patient needs to work on.           

For instance someone looking to strengthen their legs can do a game where they're kicking a ball, soccer style.          

It's been in use at the Steuben Center for about two months.

“It improves the accuracy of our measurements," said Anthony Just, Steuben Center Director for Rehabilitation. "But also they get to see what they're doing. So they don't just have to take the therapists word for it, when we say, you're leaning to the left, you're leaning to the right, you're leaning to far forward, they don't just have to take our word for it. They get to see it and it helps them correct as well."

It’s a program that been install in around 100 rehab centers across the country. One of those is at the Corning Center on East 1st Street.

The Steuben Center currently has about 10 people using the program.