JACKSONVILLE, N.C. — A periodontist has incorporated videos that use 3D graphics to show patients what their procedure will look like in order to decrease their anxiety.

What You Need To Know

  • 36% of people in the U.S. have a few of dentists, and 12% have an extreme fear, according to the Cleveland Clinic

  • Dental Play has state-of-the-art videos with 3D graphics in 4K quality created by dentists

  • After playing these videos, Dr. Jose Arauz has noticed patients become more engaged and less scared

Dr. Jose Arauz and his team are creating an atmosphere that is calm and stress-free.

“We have to continue building that trust and earn it” Arauz said. 

Being a periodontist, Arauz has seen how anxious and stressed out new patients are when they come into his office. 

“Many times they would be shy to talk about the reason why they were here, even though we have received a referral from the general practitioner. But it was difficult for them to talk about it, difficult for them to ask questions, and then the body language. As we have learned from behavioral sciences in dentistry, it was clear that patients were not really communicating well,” Arauz said. 

To try to reach patients, he thought of different ways he could share information and figured one of the easiest ways to learn is visually. 

After the initial exam, Arauz explains to his patients the procedure they need with their X-ray and digital software. He then shows them video of their procedure produced by Dental Play, a dentist-run company that makes videos using 3D images.  

“What we try to do is help the patient or assist the patient through this process where we could show them or share with them as much information as possible,” Arauz said. 

After seeing the videos, Arauz says his patients are noticeably more relaxed. 

“The level of interest changes completely, like the body language. They start leaning forward, trying to kind of like understand, really pay attention to what is being shown,” Arauz said.