RALEIGH, N.C. — A Raleigh couple with close ties to Ukraine is doing what they can to help those who are suffering from the stresses of war. 


What You Need To Know 

City of Oaks Acupuncture is offering free services to those affected by war in Ukraine  

Acupuncture helps with anxiety and physical ailments 

City of Oaks Acupuncture is owned by a couple with strong ties to Ukraine 


“I had a few people coming in with panic attacks, nightmares of nuclear war daily, that's not an exaggeration," Boris Bernadsky said.

Bernadsky says some of his clients are in an unprecedented state of mental anguish.

“As I'm working on them you can tell that they're completely disconnected from their body because of the stress, that they're not even responding to the little discomfort I might be causing," Bernadsky said.

Bernadsky, who co-owns City of Oaks Acupuncture with his wife Anya Zubenka, works on Vasyl Kapitan, who is from Ukraine.

“Pretty much all of my family there, only me and my wife here in the U.S.," Kapitan said.

Kapitan immigrated to the U.S. four years ago. His parents, brother and several more family members are still there.

“They're somewhat good given the circumstances. They’re alive," Kapitan said.


That's what good means in Ukraine these days.

That's why Bernadsky and his wife have flung open their doors for free to those who need it most. With his family being from Ukraine and his wife from Belarus, they understand the anguish, fear and uncertainty those here with family and other ties to that region may be feeling.  

"Emotional health is very important, and that's how we can give back, we cannot pour out of the empty glass," Zubenka said.

Zubenka says anyone feeling the stresses of war can book an acupuncture appointment at no cost.

“Watching the news with everything going on we tend to kind of shrink this way so acupuncture is helpful with that to physically release the muscle, but also while the patient is on the table helps with anxiety and emotional health as well," Zubenka said.

This is Kapitan’s third session with Berndasky, and he says they are really helping to relieve some of his stress and anxiety.

When he’s not receiving treatment, he says he’s leaning on his faith to get him through this unimaginable time.

“I'm start reading Bible with my wife so the truth from Bible really helps us deal with anxiety and promises from that also switching off the news, thinking positively, I feel like every time I talk with them they are more positive than I am here," Kapitan said.

Boris Bernadsky and Anya Zubenka say they will offer free services as long as they can handle it.