ORANGE COUNTY, N.C. — After three weekends of winter weather in the Triangle, Carrboro's Public Works department still says it has plenty resources left over if more storms come our way.


What You Need To Know

The Carrboro Public Works Department is responsible for brining and cleaning up more than 45 miles of town-operated roads

Every year it sets aside $30,000 for salt, sand, brine and other storm materials like plow blades

So far, staff say they have used about $12,000 of those funds this year 


Daniel Snipes is the Carrboro Public Works interim director. He says one of the best things about their operation is they are self-sufficient.

"Here we have our own brine-making equipment, salt storage, sand storage to be able to take care of our close to 50 miles of street here in town," Snipes said.

Carrboro has the supplies and the funds to help them whenever winter weather hits. Public Works sets aside around $30,000 each year just for materials.

"I estimate we probably have used close to $12,000 to $14,000 of that already this year," Snipes said.

Snipes says he doesn't think they will run out of funds this season, but if for some reason they do, they have reserves they can tap into.

One challenge Snipes has been struggling with this year is hiring more staff. Right now he has about 40 employees but is looking for more.

"Being a small department you do feel like a small, close-knit family, so when these events happen, you rely on your coworkers or your family to come in and be able to take care of the task at hand.”