GREENSBORO, NC — A Black- and veteran-owned jet charter and private aviation company with a fleet of Honda jets in Greensboro is thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic and gaining national attention.

CEO and founder of “Jet It” Glenn Gonzales said the demand for private jets amid the pandemic has increased due to the fact that people want to stay safe while traveling.

“It has been challenging for a number of companies, and we’ve been very blessed to have an opportunity to grow during this time frame. We’ve doubled our workforce. We’ve had the opportunity to bring on some incredibly talented people and bring them to the Triad. We’re fortunate because people still need to travel. It’s one of those essential services and, as a result of that, we’ve been able to continually grow during this time," Gonzales says.

With a rate of $1,600 per hour, it allows customers to use the aircraft for the day, which gives them the opportunity to minimize the need for hotels or overnight lodging.

"Jet It” was just recently featured on CNBC and Fox Business. The company is also expanding to Canada as well as growing with “Jet Club,” an interlational sister company in Southeast Asia and Europe.