RALEIGH, N.C. - A Triangle advocacy group is renewing its call to have school resource officers removed from Wake County, and possibly statewide, following a disturbing video out of Vance County.

The Education Justice Alliance believes schools should replace cops with more counselors, or "peacebuilders," who are trained to deal with students without weapons or handcuffs. Wake County school leaders have the proposal.

"It is a systematic problem that is in all schools in the country, and North Carolina is not an exception," Fernando Martinez says.

The group's effort comes amid the growing backlash out of Vance County. Former deputy Warren Durham is charged with misdemeanor child abuse. Authorities say a surveillance camera captured him body slamming an 11 year old at Vance County Middle School last week. The Vance County Sheriff fired Durham shortly after the altercation. Durham joined the local force in 2017.

"Police officers are police officers. They have no professional training on counseling a student," Martinez says.

Martinez says parents and students can learn from the disturbing video. He says it's important families know their civil rights and not be afraid to film and report misbehavior.