HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. -- The fallout continues following a KKK rally in Orange County over the weekend.


PREVIOUS COVERAGE: Ku Klux Klan Holds Rally in Hillsborough

Members of the Loyal White Knights stood in front of the courthouse in Hillsborough Saturday. 

Mayor Tom Stevens said the group's message is not welcome in town, but commended town residents for standing up. 

"Five to one, ten to one shopkeepers, citizens, stood up, came around the corner and said no," Mayor Stevens said.

During an interview with Spectrum News, a member of the Loyal White Knights who identified as Amanda said, "We are not here to hate anyone. We don't hate anyone actually. We just go by God's laws." 

KKK members say they plan to return to Hillsborough again this weekend, but would not give any details on a time.