DURHAM, N.C. – New evidence was presented Wednesday in the trial of Craig Hicks.

  • Craig Hicks confessed to the murders of Deah Barakat, and Yusor and Razan Abu-Salha.
  • New evidence shows Hicks laughing while he confessed to the murders.
  • Video was shown in court of the shooting, recorded by Deah as he opened the door.

Newly released video confession shows Hicks laughing and, as prosecutors put it,  “carrying on jovially” with investigators as he describes the moments before, during, and after executing three innocent young people in Chapel Hill in 2015.

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Hicks talks about his anger over parking at the apartment complex and love of the video game, Assassin’s Creed. Then calmly explains the process of executing Deah Barakat, and Yusor and Razan Abu-Salha.



Prosecution pointed out that, while Hicks cited parking issues as his motive, no one was parked in his space and all of his victims were parked in compliance to the apartment complex's rules.

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Additionally, newly released footage shown in court recorded by Deah showed the moment he opened the door to confront Hicks and was gunned down.

Media was asked not to record the video, as it was extremely graphic in nature.

Moments after it was shown, however, family members and friends broke down in sadness and anger. The sister of Deah Barakat was so overcome she fell to the floor.



Others, overcome with outrage, yelled at Hicks for the inhumane act.

Hicks is facing three counts of life in prison.

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