FAYETTEVILLE, NC -- Fayetteville Police Accountability Community Taskforce or P.A.C.T. plans to help nearly 10 Black moms get out of jail by May 12.

  • The organization is planning to help almost 10 moms
  • They are looking to help financially struggling moms with non-violent offenses
  • The campaign is possible through donations

P.A.C.T. is partnering with a bigger campaign called National Mama's Bailout Day. The group is working with financially struggling African-American moms who have non-violent offenses.

"The reason why it affects Black mothers is because Black mothers are the ones that have sat there longer because they can't come up with the funding unlike most other mothers," vice president of Fayetteville P.A.C.T., Kathy Greggs, said.

The campaign is possible through donations. As of May 9, the nonprofit raised $460. They also received a donation of $20,000 from another organization.