RALEIGH, N.C. – Saturdays are for science, at least for the 2,000 young adults from all across the state who competed in the North Carolina Science Olympiad at N.C. State University.

  • Two top high schools and two top middle schools will represent the state in the national tournament
  • N.C. State will host the national tournament next year
  • The last time the university hosted the even was in 1997

Students showed off their skills in a number of hands-on events. The top two high schools and top two middle schools go on to the national tournament. One student even said he started studying last summer.        

"Students really have to "do." Here at NC State we think and do and that's what these kids are doing today, thinking and doing on their feet and trying to do their best for their team." director of science house, Jason Painter, said. 

Next year, N.C. State will host the National Science Olympiad tournament. The last time the university hosted the event was in 1997.