RALEIGH, N.C. -- For the past 18 years, Brian Hannon has made it his mission to make sure kids who otherwise wouldn't, have presents under the tree at Christmas.

That's because the organization, in honor of his late brother, "The Scott Hannon Memorial Foundation," focuses on benefiting children and every year they hold the "Christmas for Kids" shopping spree.

"Theres a lot of great causes out there, but it's the children that we really want to help. It really is tough for me to talk about it a lot of the times, about my brother, but when I do it's in the context about how great this event is and how proud he would be to have his name on it. That always makes me both choked up and happy at the same time," says Hannon.

The event is now in it's 8th year in Raleigh.

Almost 100 children of the Methodist Home for Children in Raleigh are paired with generous sponsors who donate $150 so the child can pick out their own presents for Christmas.

Sponsor Amy Preddy says of the kids, "coming out here shopping with them, most of them don't even think of themselves. They're thinking of other people in their family to shop for which is a very humbling experience."

The "The Scott Hannon Memorial Foundation" is a 100% volunteer non-profit organization.

During the event, Target covers the cost of tax so all the kids can spend the full $150.