NORTH CAROLINA -- A new study suggests the cost of beer could nearly double because of global warming's impact on barley.

  • The cost of beer could double.
  • The increase could be due to global warming's impact on barley.
  • A study was published in Nature Plants. 

Carolina Malt House co-owner Aaron Goss created a hub that sends malt, which is made from barley, from farms to local brewers after seeing a drastic rise of craft brewers in North Carolina.

But Goss isn't sure customers will see a drastic impact on the cost of beer.

 “The history of human beer making goes back millennia. The climate had to have changed since that time. We have some remarkably ingenious growers working for us, and you know, I think we’ll be able to get you your beer,” said Goss.

The study was published by the journal Nature Plants and examined the top 10 countries for beer consumption.​


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