RALEIGH, N.C. -- The State Historical Commission voted on the status of three Confederate monuments currently located on state Capitol grounds on Wednesday saying they do not have the power to move them per state law.

  • State Historical Commission votes to keep three Confederate statues
  • They say they do not have power to move them per state law
  • They want more context posted through additional signage

This committee said they have worked well together, despite having different opinions on what should happen to these monuments.

All of this comes after the State Department of Administration petitioned to relocate the three Confederate monuments from the state Capitol grounds to Bentonville Battlefield in Johnston County. 

A committee of State Historical Commission was tasked with figuring out a recommendation about whether to move them or not. 

They received more than 7,000 responses from the public. One member says 80 percent of those responses says they did not want the monuments moved from the Capitol grounds.


Each of the members gave a statement on how they felt personally and they did not all agree. Some wanted them removed, others did not.

However, they ended up voting their recommendation which was additional signage for context and a recommendation to not remove the monuments due to the current state law. They also agreed to seek the start of fundraising for memorials that would feature the contributions of African-Americans in the state. 

After the vote, a woman did protest. She was taken out very quickly by Raleigh police and put in a police car. About three others followed her out and said they were standing in solidarity with her. That woman was cited two misdemeanor charges and released.

This recommendation will now go to the full Historical Commission to consider what to do.

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