FORT BRAGG, N.C. -- A woman will spend a year in prison after she was convicted for threatening her ex-husband, who is a Fort Bragg soldier, and others.

  • Tanyatorn Ghanjanasak has been convicted of threatening her ex-husband and others.
  • Incidents include her ex-husband's brake lines being cut, feeling as if he was drugged and threatening text messages.
  • She pleaded guilty earlier this year. 

They say Tanyatorn Ghanjanasak's husband, identified as D.C., started receiving the threats via text message.

The messages were coming from various unknown numbers between 2015 and 2017.

A number of incidents also happened in addition to the messages, one of which, the man attempted to drive his car but found the brake lines were cut.

During the same time, he became sick and felt like he had been drugged.

Authorities say the woman sent an anonymous message claiming she attempted to kill him.

One other incident happened where he almost fell down a flight of stairs after feeling like he had been drugged.

Two others were also threatened over a two month time period.

The FBI found that the woman was the one behind the threats and was using anonymous messaging applications from her home and job.

She pleaded guilty earlier this year.

Once she is released, she will have three years of supervised release.