RALEIGH, N.C. -- State lawmakers will be busy working to vote on bills of statewide interest Friday.

  • Lawmakers hope to finish up by Friday.
  • Technical corrections bill for the budget heading to Gov. Cooper.
  • Funding restored for suicide hotline.

Both chambers are expected to hold sessions as they attempt to meet their self- imposed deadline.

Thursday was a flurry of activity as lawmakers crammed as many committee meetings in as possible followed by both House and Senate sessions that went into the evening.

There was plenty of action on a number of fronts.

First, lawmakers discussed a bill that could change early voting in our state.

It would drop the last Saturday currently scheduled for early voting, which the North Carolina NAACP has the highest turn out for African-American voters.

Supporters of the bill, however, say the uniformity within the legislation is a good thing.

Gov. Cooper is now awaiting the technical corrections conference report on the state budget.

Both chambers passed the measure which includes funding for the suicide hotline and provides language for moving the light rail project in Durham and Orange counties through.

There were also some fireworks on the House floor Thursday.

Republican Rep. John Blust spoke out against how legislators introduce and ultimately vote on legislation. The conversation came up during the discussion about the Farm Act.

The outburst was enough for the House speaker to respond, which is rare.

“An iron curtain has descended on this legislature and it just will not let go,” said Blust. “A few people call all the shots and their will governs and I know members cannot afford to go against it.”

“The gentleman and anyone else who has wanted to debate the bill has in fact had their opportunity to debate the bill and would encourage the gentleman to give more a little more to making such comments about the House in the future,” said Speaker of the House, Rep. Tim Moore.

In the end, the Farm Act did end up passing.

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