FAYETTEVILLE -- With a unanimous vote, Fayetteville city council members will take the next step to remove fellow councilman Tyrone Williams from office with a rarely used legal process called "amotion."

The move comes after an audio recording surfaced where Williams can be heard asking the developer of the Prince Charles Hotel for $15,000. 

The process would require an official notice to Williams, a hearing, and a long fact-finding process where evidence would be presented. At the end, the council would vote on whether to remove Williams.

"People have to have confidence in their government," said councilman Jim Arp. "That's the whole reason I'm asking that we do this process. Regardless of the outcome, it will show that we are trying to ensure the integrity of our government and the integrity of the elected board of this city."

Williams had previously recused himself from voting on all matters involving the hotel, the parking deck and the baseball stadium, citing a conflict of interest. 

But Monday, he withdrew that recusal, saying he didn't violate the law.

"I did not violate any law. I did not violate any principles, I'm actually in good standing and I can actually vote," said Williams.

The city attorney said they expect to have a resolution drafted by Wednesday to move forward with the amotion process. 

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