MOORE COUNTY -- At least 70 high schoolers in Moore County Public Schools aren't sleeping in a bed of their own at night. But one group is working to make sure that homeless teens have a safe place to stay.

One high school social worker is leading the charge to try to open the county's first transitional home for young women. 

The hope is that some of the school system's homeless high schoolers can call the future safe haven home by next year. 

"More than likely no one would ever know because I work hard every day to keep my grades up, because otherwise, I don't know what I would do about school," said one anonymous homeless student. "I wouldn't be able to pay for it or anything. I spend all my money trying to help my brothers."

If you'd like to help get this homeless shelter started, contact Tambra Chamberlain at (910) 585-4237. The group is looking for board members and volunteers.