RALEIGH -- "A Charlie Brown Christmas" brought a lot of joy to the nearly 150 people who attended the play at the Theatre in the Park in Raleigh Saturday.

The audience was mostly made up of families who have someone on the sensory autism spectrum.

To accommodate the needs of the audience, there were a few minor adjustments made to the play. Loud noises were toned down, and no quick, unexpected movements were made.

Organizers say the changes didn't compromise the play.

Many of the parents say the time spent at the play was a welcomed change.

"We didn't have to worry about looks, we didn't have to worry about judgment," said parent Jennifer Whitehead. "We just, as parents, my husband and I, got to relax and it was wonderful. And I started to cry."

The theatre also provided a quiet space for any children who had to be excused, but no one needed to use it.