The mother in a photograph that was shared and then removed from the Fort Bragg Family and MWR Facebook page is speaking out.

The photograph, which many say appears to depict a woman holding two marionets in blackface, stirred controversy after being posted to Facebook Friday morning to promote an upcoming Halloween event at Fort Bragg. 

But the mother, who has asked not to be named, says her children's costumes were never intended to be racial, and the "blackfaces" were masks purchased at Walmart.

In fact, she says she teaches her children "not to see race" and the children chose the masks simply because they wanted "shiny" faces for their marionet costumes. 

"A mother would never intentionally put her children in any kind of situation where they're portraying racism," the mother told us. "Especially a mother who's son is half black. My son, who's the taller one in the photo, is half black. I would never try to hurt or injure him as a person by portraying such an ugly and ignorant concept." 

The Facebook page later apologized for the post saying, "We didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings or take offense."

The photo was taken at a Halloween event Fort Bragg hosted in 2016.



Those in charge of a Fort Bragg-related Facebook page are apologizing for a picture that some deem to be insensitive.          

The photo, which may be disturbing to some, shows two children in blackface.

It was seen on the Fort Bragg Family and MWR Facebook page recently.

It's not clear if a page administrator or another user posted the picture. 

An apology was posted on the Facebook page saying: "The photo has been removed and does not represent the views of our organization. We sincerely apologize for any offense caused and will work to ensure this does not happen again. Thank you."