WILMINGTON, N.C. – Hand-made fuzzy friends are helping dozens of patients at the Children's Cochlear Implant Center at UNC.

One Wilmington resident, along with a group of more than 30 volunteers, are knitting “love monsters” to give to the children on their hearing birthday. The dolls provide them with a new friend when they hear sound for the first time. 

Hospital officials say they comfort the children, ensuring them they are not alone during the implant process.

"Not always knowing what's happening, not able to hear your voice, or your parent’s voice, and then getting sound can be scary and surprising. Having the love monster there to be a friend to cuddle with and share with is the way it helps them," said Co-Director of the Children's Cochlear Implant Center at UNC Holly Teagle. 

To find out how you can help knit a fuzzy friend, visit www.thedomesticdash.com or call the Quarter Stitch at (910) 392-0020.