RALEIGH, N.C.—A Millbrook High School student has turned his school project into a product and he’s only 15-years-old.

"It's actually taken off really quick and I got a lot of positive reviews from people,” said Noah Dove.

Dove’s Secret Sauce is slightly spicy and tangy, a recipe that’s been in the family for a while, but turned into a school project.

"As part of the project I said I'd make a sauce, create a label for it, bottle it and sell it,” he said.

Now he is making more than just a grade, with the help of Bobbees Bottling Company in Louisburg, Dove was able to pack it and officially start selling it Sunday.

"We're excited about being the first store he's going to have his sauce in,” said Joe Pino, who owns Grill-Billies BBQ in north Raleigh.

Pino is an ex-pit master and has been barbecuing for more than 30-years. He helped Dove tweak his sauce.

"There's nobody out here that does this, at that age and that's what got us excited, was his passion for it. We want young people like him to get into the barbecue, to continue that acceleration of interest,” he said.

Dove hopes his sauce will see success in stores.

"Well if it takes off and turns out that I get into some grocery store chains, it's definitely going to be my summer job this year,” he laughed.

While we may not know the recipe, it’s no secret Dove is looking at a bright future ahead.

"This is quite an investment for him, an investment of time, so if Noah does this now, at this age? I can see him being extremely successful, no matter what he does,” said Pino.

Dove hopes his story will inspire others to create their own products.

"I've thought about creating this product for two to three years now and it's finally come to the market, so I'd say don't give up and stay passionate about your product and you'll make it,” he said.

You can find Dove’s Secret Sauce at several locations in Raleigh, including Grill-Billies BBQ, Moon Street USA and the State Farmers Market.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Next Saturday, Nov. 21, Grill-Billies BBQ will feature Dove’s Secret Sauce on barbecue for customers to sample.