RALEIGH -- Several stores have been renamed to carry on a legacy of three Muslim college students killed earlier this year. And when you donate or shop at “My Deah's Goodwill Store,” you're also helping to give back.

When you enter "My Deah's Goodwill Store" in Raleigh, you can feel the kindness and willingness to help others. And when you make a purchase, you're doing just that.

"The money raised through this business is going to be used for furthering the legacy of Deah all over the country and Yusor and Razan, the work that they did,” said Zerqa Abid, the founder and president of MY Project USA.

Deah Barakat, his wife Yusor and her sister Razan Abu-Salha were gunned down in Chapel Hill in February in what the victim's family described as a hate crime. But the three left behind a legacy of giving back.

"Deah, Yusor and Razan, they were about service and about helping others,” said Namee Barakat, Deah’s father. “And what a better project to really do here and especially helping the Muslim youth and others."       

Namee Barakat partnered with MY Project USA to rename the store after his son.

"When I tried to do the signs, the name, it's just so touching and overwhelming on one side and the other is just so proud and happy to be able to do such things."

Whether you donate or buy something, you're helping MY Project USA. The non-profit's goal is to protect and empower Muslim American youth and foster more young adults, like Deah, Yusor and Razan.

"Their dedication to their community and humanity was exemplary," said Abid. "I believe this is something that Deah would be so happy about. Our staff members have seen him in dreams so happy.

The group focuses on preventing human trafficking, drug abuse, gangs and other issues. It's a cause Namee Barakat is sure Deah would support.

"I'm sure he'd be very happy and very thrilled that this is happening, because this is no less than what he would have wanted to do."

The store in Raleigh is located at 3925 Beryl Road. A store is also open in Garner and Columbus, Ohio, which is where MY Project USA is based.

MY Project USA, which launched in March, has kicked-off eight community service projects to help low-income families and neighborhoods.

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