CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The Vegan Flava Café’s love for good quality living is served with every dish they make!

They recently moved from Durham to Chapel Hill's new food hall, the Blue Dogwood Public Market. Everything on the menu is vegan and gluten-free.

"My goal is to get folks, no labels, no agenda, to eat better. They are just blown away that it's not meat, it's not chicken or pork and it has this texture and it has this taste that they're so familiar with” said Yah-i Ausar Amen.

Instead of ground beef, one of their tacos is filled with pureed walnuts.

"We respect that people have to have that familiarity. Those walnuts give you that ground beef or ground turkey experience,” said Amen.

He says you don't have to sacrifice flavor when choosing vegan options.  "For some folks who have to have that 'meat experience' that's one of the ways we do it.  We do it with the walnut taco we do it with the almond seafood salad,”

Another popular option is seasoned pureed almonds mixed with seaweed. The carrot tuna is a classic, and it was the first item Amen served back in 2011.

Everything served at the Vegan Flava Cafe is organic and GMO-free.  Every dish is made to order to accommodate nearly every allergy.

"When we eat something that has tremendous flavor, we're content. When you are ready to eat better you know that you have a home,” said Amen.