PITTSBORO- Melissa Driver Beard believes healthy eating shouldn't drain the wallet. That's why she runs the Chatham Outreach Alliance, or CORA, in Chatham County.

It's a unique food pantry where clients can come and shop for healthy food, free of charge.

"We try to purchase things that are low in sugar, low in salt. We try to purchase whole wheat pastas," she says.

CORA started back in 1989 aimed at helping low-income families although no one is ever turned away. Shoppers can have their pick at anything in the food pyramid, including protein, fresh dairy, fresh local produce and even seasonings.

"Now I can see both sides of the shopping cart too. I see what it's like to need but I also see what it's like to be able to put the food out that we get and to help other families. It really is a much nicer feeling than just taking," says Anne-Marie Warren who not only shops but volunteers at CORA after falling on hard times.

Driver Beard says CORA sees up to 30 families a day. For more information, click here.