WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A nonprofit organization is helping middle and high school girls learn how to become financially stable.  

Lead Girls of North Carolina works with at-risk girls to provide the tools and resources to become leaders in their communities. It serves nearly 300 girls in Forsyth County.   

One of the group members, Jada Brown, says the group has helped her to learn how to run a business and inspired her to create her own fashion company.

"The Skinz fashion company," Brown said. 

With the help of lead volunteers, she's making her dreams a reality. 

“I want to be like a role model for people or girls or anyone in my family that wants to do it but doesn't have like the motivation or drive," Brown said. "And once they see me doing that, they'll be like, 'Oh well, she's doing that so I can do anything that I want to do.'”

Lead Girls of North Carolina has been hosting an entrepreneurship camp for girls for the past seven years. For more information on how your child can get involved, you can visit the website here